Virtual Tele-Health Physical Therapy is new.  Therefore we know there will be alot of questions!  We're here to walk you through the process of getting your life back, and we'll answer any and all questions!  Here, Below are some that we've already received and think you may find helpful!

Frequently asked questions

How Much Does Tele-Health Physical Therapy Cost?

In the state of Kentucky, Tele-Health Physical Therapy visits are covered by your Medical Insurance the exact same as they are if you came into the clinic! If you have a co pay or deductible it applies the same! The lone exception right now is Medicare, but things are changing every day!

What Equipment Do I Need?

You probably have everything you need to be seen virtually already in your home, office, or car! 1. A good internet connection. WiFi, Cellular, or hard-lined into the internet works. 2. We reccomend doing the visit with a computer with a camera in it or a web cam connected. A phone will work, we just look really small! 3. Comfortable clothing- you may not be in the clinic, but you can expect to move quite a bit for the eval and treatment!

Is Tele-Health as effective as in person Physical Therapy?

Yes! for a few reasons virtual care can almost always be as effective as in person treatment sessions!

  1. We wil train YOU to treat YOURSELF! The biggest tool we have as Physical Therapists is to empower you to control your movement patterns, recognize when they are off, and adjust on the fly. We dont want you to feel better only after a visit (cough cough Chiropractors), but to treat the root cause of the issue!
  2. 99% of PT is Home Exercise Based. Therefore by doing your treatment session in your home where you will be doing your HEP we will be ahead of the curve!
  3. We get to see how your ache, pain, movement dysfunction affects your in your own settings! The is so useful in diagnosing the cause AND the treatment solution!
  4. Virtual Visits are way more accessible! You're busy. We're busy! Lets discharge the drive time and get to work!
  5. COVID-19. Enough said.

Whats the best way to schedule?

As we get up and running, please call us to set up a Tele-Health visit! We'll be balancing in person and tele visits, lets pick a time that works for both of us!